Overview about Atlanta international airport

With a steadily growing economy and a range of support services, Atlanta airport is the great that connects many kinds of people from different places in the world.
One of the biggest airport in Atlanta is the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. This one is the most attended in the world with more than 104 million of travelers every year.
Problem with Airport car service
We’ve notice from different issues that may hurt travelers in some airport transport services.
First, the misunderstanding between travelers and drivers when call. This can happen especially when driver has a customer speaking with strange English accent. Therefore, finding or telling the pick-up place might be difficult.
On the other hand, the Atlanta transport service has started a huge rehabilitation for its customers.
This airport provides not only transport services but also many other services to its customers such as

ATLNext of Hartfield-Jackson Airport.

ATLNext is the Airport’s new development program. It’s a series of projects designed to boost capacity, renew and replace existing and also enhance ATL’s aesthetic appeal. The Airport’s vision is to create an exceptional experience for all its guests.

ATL airport expansion

Many projects were already done but numerous projects are also underway.
Hartsfield-Jackson International airport has started working on 6$ billion for its expansion.
The plan entails a series of construction project indifferent areas of the airport.
Right now, the airport counts 193 gates. But if this expansion plan is going to accommodate the city’s fast-growing population, airport officials will be need to squeeze more gates into existing concourses which are being extended. The terminal modernization will improve also the passenger experience.
The airport has hired contractors to manage the renovation of the terminal, the demolition and reconstruction of bigger parking garages and expansion of cargo facilities.
The airport is self-supporting and also in collaboration with Delta. The deal, close to being finalized, in effect outlines funding from airlines for the airport’s capital improvement program.

The assessment could be completed early 2019 and project officials are also weighing the possibility of creating new parking decks that could be converted to office space one day.
The upcoming constructions will not be easy on the airport and creating new gates requires a lot of moving.